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Uranium gets into drinking water sources when groundwater dissolves minerals that contain uranium. Elevated levels of uranium are more likely to be found in deeper drilled wells, rather than in dug wells or surface water supplies. The amount of uranium in wells varies throughout Canada depending on the concentration of uranium in the bedrock. Wells most likely to have elevated levels of uranium are those in areas with granite or alkaline sandstone and shale bedrock.

What is the effect of uranium in drinking water on our health?

Kidney injury is the most sensitive endpoint for uranium, which means that the kidney is the organ that is most susceptible to the effects of uranium. Most uranium from drinking water is eliminated from the body. However, a small amount is absorbed and carried through the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the uranium compounds are filtered by the kidneys, where they can cause damage to the kidney cells.

The potential health effects from uranium in drinking water come from its heavy metal characteristics and not its radioactivity, which is very low.

Bathing or showering with water that contains uranium is not a health concern.

  • Removes 99% of uranium from water
  • Mark nMax Uranium filter regenerates with water softening salt (sodium chloride)
  • Fully programmable control valve. Energy efficient using less than $3.00 of electrical power per year (12 volt)
  • Flow rate up to 20 GPM
  • 10 year warrant
  • Note: All water hardness, iron and hydrogen sulphide must be removed prior to the uranium filter

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