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Tannin Removal Filters municipal water, farm, country cottage and rural area well water, lake water, private water supply. Ontario, Toronto, gta.

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Tannins are formed upon the decomposition of vegetation in lakes, water wells, rivers and from acid rain.

These organic compounds are large molecular weight organics that fall under two large primary categories: Humic acids and Fulvic acids.

The Mark n Max Water Tannin Filter removes the tannin organics from your water supply.

  • Fully electronic computerized tannin filter
  • 12 volt transformer that utilizes minimal power consumption less than $3.00 per year
  • Removes up to 3 PPM of organic tannin compounds from your water
  • The tannins filter is regenerated with sodium chloride (water softening salt) to clean the tannin filter
  • 10 year warranty
  • Note: All water hardness, iron and hydrogen sulphide must be removed prior to Tannin filter

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