Reverse Osmosis System, RO Systems, drinking water system, water filtration Ontario, Toronto, gta


Reverse Osmosis System, RO Systems Toronto, gta

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BIG BLUE Filter is installed at central water source line ahead of any or all of the taps, faucets used to dispense water for bathing, drinking and cooking.

Everything you use water for will taste better because all harmful chemicals and impurities are removed.

Volatile and organic chemicals are dissolved in any water supply either municipal or rural (water wells, lakes and rivers). The chemicals found in your water are numerous and can cause serious health issues.

The Mark'n'Max BIG BLUE Filter System can take out most volatile and industrial chemicals, providing safe, clean water.

  • NSF Certified Filter Housings
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges
  • Union ball valves for easy installation
  • Multi housing systems include wall mount brackets and hardware
  • All systems are shipped pre-assembled
  • Double O-Ring seal that is leak proof
  • Maximum operating pressure 85 PSI (5 BAR)
  • Maximum operating temperature 100˚F (37˚C)

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