Reverse Osmosis System, RO Systems, drinking water system, water filtration Ontario, Toronto, gta


Disinfection System, for Wells, neutralizing, oxidizing, removing Iron, Sulphur, Manganese, E-coli bacteria from your Well Water. Ontario, gta, farm, country cottage and rural area well water, lake water, private water supply.


Disinfecting Water System is an effective way to treat problem water in a rural application.

Disinfection Water Systems kill bacteria and treats a wide array of problem water needs, including weird taste and smell.

Disinfecting drinking water will greatly reduce the risk of waterborne diseases.

Recomended Systems are:
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment System

    1. 1. Works faster than chlorine, so often no contact tank is required
      2. Unlike chlorine will not leave a chemical residual in the water
      3. Peroxide works over a wider pH range
  • Chlorination System
  • Ozone System
  • Three types of UV system:
    1. UV Mini Rack Series
      UV High Flow Series
      NSF/ANSI 55 Class "A" Series

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